Collection: DD_super

DieDye Super is the foundational product line of our company. The series is the baseline for all image creation, dye inspiration, and general design research.

Garments are improvisationally dyed in small batches, after which the design process begins.


  • 4 hour time limit for all design work per piece/batch
    • [Includes image sourcing, photomanipulation, processing  drawing, etc.]
  • 1 instance of typography
  • 1 iteration of the DDco Smiley Logo (in any form)
  • 36”x36” maximum area for all images
    • [This is the final laser print size for all print positives]

Once ready, the print positives are cutout & burned to an appropriate selection of silk-screens.


  • Single-coat of emulsion, no recoats for mistakes
  • UV-expose for 15 minutes
  • Wash out hastily, embrace accidental blowout

Once the images are burned to the screens, the print positives are positioned onto the garments, ink colors are selected, and the piece is finally printed.